Financial optimisation for SME
(small and medium-sized enterprises)

In small or medium-sized enterprises, the resources to tackle growth-related financing issues and evaluate different possibilities of financing with external funds are often missing. It’s not easy to find the cheapest financing... more

Project Finance & Fundraising

Do you have a business idea but not enough money to realise it? Do you need more capital to fund your new project? Are you looking for the optimal financing structure? It is not always easy to find the ideal financing method to realise your... more

Transaction consulting

The acquisition or sale of company parts or assets, the foundation of associate companies or restructuring within the company – all these are very complex projects which require fiscal, legal and economic knowledge. From company evaluations... more


Gratuity on termination of engagement The gratuity on termination of engagement is an annual reserve fund in favour of the managing members of an association which will be paid out at the time of their resignation. This gratuity is... more

Order of succession

The company you have established in your lifetime should be continued by your person of trust. To make sure there is no sudden break in the management, the succession should occur smoothly and gradually. In case the company is passed over to a... more

Cross Border Consulting

The best financing plans, business models and marketing activities suddenly become useless if in cross border partnerships and negotiations cultural, sociopolitical or economic barriers can’t be overcome. As a South Tyrolean company, we... more

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