Gratuity on termination of engagement

The gratuity on termination of engagement is an annual reserve fund in favour of the managing members of an association which will be paid out at the time of their resignation.

This gratuity is definitely one of the most efficient methods to provide for a company and advisable also to small and medium-sized enterprises. The gratuity on termination of engagement can also be seen as a measure of economy thanks to tax advantages.

Employee severance fund

The goal of a severance fund is to cover financial obligations which the company has towards employees in case of their termination. The severance fund includes an annual savings plan which can be adjusted individually.

Whenever a termination occurs or a prepayment is claimed (for whichever reasons) the corresponding amount of money will be paid to the beneficiary.

Risk coverage

To optimally protect yourself and your company from risks, we offer customized insurance solutions meeting your demands in the areas of factory insurance, property insurance, machine insurance, insurance of electrical equipment or contingency insurance, just to mention some important examples.

In your position as the director of a company you are exposed to liability risks. Thus, it is crucial to stay informed about your rights and duties and the current status of law. We help you with this and assist you in planning your provision.

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