1. Life insurance

Life insurance does not only serve as security for your descendants or partner in case of your death, i.e. as financial coverage for your family, but can also be an interesting saving opportunity for yourself.

There are two types of life insurance, the cash value life insurance and the term life insurance. At the end of the period of the cash value life insurance, you will receive a one-time payment, life-long or temporary pension payment or a combination of both. This way, your life insurance is an investment opportunity or a possibility of capital maintenance with fiscal advantages. For the term life insurance, no payment will be made except for the actual case of death so as to protect the surviving dependants.

2. Property insurance (change order)

Damage can happen to anyone. Fire, severe weather, burglary – all this can damage your assets. Property insurance is the ideal option to be sure you are protected against misfortunes.

You can cover your tangibles according to your individual needs. We help you to find the ideal solution for your situation. The basis for this will be a non-binding risk check which measures the potential risks to your valuables.


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